Laser engraved reflective material

Laser engraved reflective material

Using laser engraving makes it possible to create very small and delicate effects in reflective material and reflective bands. Patterns can be engraved with extreme high level of detail.

It is possible to engrave reflective material and still keep it certified EN ISO 20471, in order to use in EN ISO 20471 certified garments.

The only thing we need from you is the logotype, pattern or text in an EPS-file.

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Reflective material for garments

At this web pages we show the reflective material that we stock for distributors (S200 SIL and T200 SIL) and a number of different possibilities on how reflective material can be converted to be used for branding purposes or for increased comfort.

But we have a lot of additional reflective materials to offer! Please visit out specially dedicated web page for reflective materials to see the complete assortment of reflective materials.

Sew-on reflective material is normally used in production of work wear.

Heat transfer reflective material are often used by garment manufacturers when efficient and flexible solutions are needed. Heat transfer material is also used for making logos and applying reflective material onto ready made garments.

Reflective material can be delivered certified EN ISO 20471 – also with print, engraving or cut into different patterns.


Our garments are well suited to be printed on. The print can be a logo or a text in one or more colours. With prints in reflective materials, the logos/Corporate identity will be provided 24 hours a day. Please also not the effect of reflective logos in colours.

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