Norms & Quality

Reflectil is selling Safety!

In this section, you will find relevant information governing visibility products.

Our products are made to save lives and prevent accidents. Read more about the basics around PPE, EU regulations and the CE mark here.

An important part of preventing accidents is that the person is wearing the right product in the right situation. Read more about risk assessments here.

Here is a quick guide to help pick the correct type of product for a determined situation.

The high-visibility products from Reflectil are all CE-marked, have the correct labels and user information in the local language – and we are happy to provide you with a certificate for a CE-marked product. Unfortunately not all products in the market are as they should be. By following this simple check list you can easily check if the documentation is in order.

Our internal laboratory is used for product development, continuous improvements and quality control systems to make sure that the products are performing as is should throughout its intended life cycle. Read more here.

Read more about some basic concepts connected to day and night time visibility here.