Product Development & QC

Reflectil is selling safety. Our distributors are selling safety. The user and the customer are buying safety. Reflectil is taking responsibility and is doing what is needed for everyone to feel safe with products from Reflectil.


Product development and testing at Reflectil

We have equipment to control and to develop our products.

With a reflectometer we can control the reflective material as required in EN ISO 20471 and EN 1150.

With a microscope we are controlling the glass beads and the impact of common factors such as washing.










The fluorescent colours in EN ISO 20471 and EN 1150 are defined in a “colour box”. With a spectraphotometer we are measuring and controlling the colours and luminance factors of the background materials as defined in the norms.




Measuring products only when new is not sufficient. We are therefore continously testing materials after use and after wash to verify our requirements for production stability.

Reflectil – for your own safety!

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