Showroom & Sales Tools

It is important for us at Reflectil to provide the very best help to our distributors in presenting our Products in the best way possible. Hence, we have developed different Tools for you to use when informing your self, your staff or your customers. Below we present the different Tools available to you. Please get in contact to discuss your specific needs.

You are always very welcome to one of our Showrooms (in Kungälv, Oslo or Porto). Here, we have the complete assortment to show you. We can offer you and your staff training sessions where everything is available to “touch and feel”. Please let us know if you would like to come visit us!



Samples of the most common Promotional or Professional vests. Each vest is tagged with a durable sheet of information (so you know the key facts in the blink of a second, or the customer can help him/herself in your showroom or store):



Practical fabric bag (flourescent of course…) containing a set of minivests. The bag can be “topped” with 1-2 full size garments of extra importance for you and your customers. Perfect to have in your store/showroom or bring to meetings with customers, when you know that high-vis vests will be one of the topics;



In order to be able to present the soft and hard reflectors in a great way, we have developed a special display with the most common products, formats and printing types. The display is ideal to use in your showroom, standing on a shelf or table. You will be able to present how the differnt types of print actually look (inside print, outside print, backside print, etc).



We hope these Sales Tools will be of great help to present the Reflectil products even better in the future. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs!