We appeciate any comments of our products. This gives us the opportunity
to make changes and improvements that make the products even more affordable.

When we assess a refund, we take into account how the user information and instructions on the garment label has been followed. A reflective vest is primarily a personal protective equipment. The garment must not be subjected too harsh handling.

In order to make a good assessment, it is important for us to get a written description of the complaint.

This is how you go about to refund a product

1. Contact us and inform us that you wish to make a refund.

2. We send you a simple template email that you can fill out. Print and send it back along with the product you wish to refund (so that we know that it comes from your business and what you think is incorrect in the article). We ask you to use the comment field at the bottom of this document to explain how the product is used, for how long, and how it has been cleaned and cared for (eg washing and drying method, number of washes, etc.).

3. When we recieve the product and refund document we will make an assessment according to the information.

4. We will get back to you with our analysis and a proposed solution.

If you have any questions about refunds, please contact us!

Download the refund documentation here >>