Reflectil Picture Bank

We have now opened a Picture bank to make it easy for you to download images of high quality to use for qoutes, marketing material, catalogue, company webstore or other similar situations.

small vestsjpg

picture bank

In the Picture Bank, you find pictures of the complete assortment. You are able to download several pictures at a time to your computer. There are a few main categories, with different subfolders beneath. We hope that the categories will be quite self explanatory. If you would have any issues finding what you are looking for, please get in contact.

In order to log in, please open the Picture Bank by following this link: click this link to open the Reflectil Picture bank (a new window openes up).

Then you will be asked to enter a User name and a Password. Please get in contact with us to recieve the log-in details.

When you are logged-in you can download the pictures you need (if you want to download several pictures at a time, select the pictures and right click and then select Download. Please see the picture below for info).



We hope that this service will be to great help for you!