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Certified Safety vests, reflectors and reflective materials

Safety vests and garments are personal safety equipment and worn to protect people from hazardous situations. In order to sell high visibility garment as personal protective equipment (PPE), it needs to fulfill specific safety requirements and be certified and CE-marked. This goes for not just Professional use, but also for safety vests and garments used in Sport and Leisure time.

With a High Visibility garment you get more visible and hence better protected, for example in traffic situations. There are different levels of visibility (classes) in different garments. The fluorescent fabric has effect during daytime, in dawn and in rainy conditions. But when it is dark, the fluorescent material has very limited effect. That is when you need the reflective material.

Reflectil are developing, manufacturing and marketing light safety vests and garments. We sell safety, our Distributors sell safety and the End Users are buying safety. We feel great responsibility for everything we do, and try to make our very best for everyone to feel secure selling and using Reflectil products.

Please have a look around or vast assortment of high visibility vests, personal reflectors and reflective materials. If you have any questions, you are very welcome to get in contact.

Reflectil – just to be safe!