Model 415

Model 415

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Quick facts


EN 1150


25 x 60 °C




S - 3XL

Size Guide



Wash & Care Instructions

Size Guide

Size guide non-professional vests EN 1150

The table below can be used as a guide in selecting the size of reflective vests.



A (cm) B (cm)
S 69 54
M 71 58
L 73 62
XL 75 66
XXL 77 68
3XL 79 72


Requirements for protective clothing for recreational use
Reflective vests used for other purposes than occupational use, are regulated in a separate standard.

  • EN 1150 – Standard for reflective vests for non-professional use. The norm does not divide products into classes. The products are instead chosen based on the height of the user.

Read more about norms here



Our garments are well suited to be printed on. The print can be a logo or a text in one or more colours. With prints in reflective materials, the logos/Corporate identity will be provided 24 hours a day. Please also not the effect of reflective logos in colours.

Wash & Care Instructions

Dirty protective clothing may reduce protection and affect wearers’ safety. To maintain the garment’s protective properties, correct and regular wash- and care is required.  Dirty protective clothing shall not be stored, but washed immediately. The wash and care instructions is showing in the neck label on the garment.

Recommended number of washing cycles and washing temperature the garment has been tested and approved for: 25 x 60 °C

These instructions partially indicates the garment quality/durability. Follow this carefully or garment visibility may suffer.

Tumble drying: This garment cannot be tumble dried
General instructions for washing- and drying of protective clothing:
  • The garments must be washed separately and with all closures fastened.
  • Use only synthetic detergents to maintain the garment’s protective properties.
  • Do not use detergents containing bleaching agents, this reduces the protective properties.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash separately or with garments approved to EN 471 in similar colours.
  • Garments with retro-reflective stripes must be washed inside out.
  • Rinse properly after wash.
  • Tunnel wash or –drying is not recommended.
  • Avoid direct and intensive steam while ironing.
Lifetime and storage

The stated maximum number of cleaning cycles is not the only factor related to the lifetime of the garment. The lifetime will also depend on usage, care storage, etc. Store garments in clean, dry and dark conditions with air circulation when not in use. Warm, humid storage can cause hydrolysis, a chemical reaction that can weaken or remove the protective properties in the garment.