Welcome to the new website of Reflectil

Here you find new great product pictures, both of front- and backside of each garment. You can zoom in and see details on each product. We have now also added more information to each product, like information on maximum area to use for printing and washing properties. You now also have the possibility to print a product page info a pdf document or share pages in e-mails in an easy way! Choose the type of product you are interested in, and see all the available solutions. We hope you find great use of our new web page! Some of the new featyres are described below:


Zoom function: Place the pointer on the big picture to get into zoom-mode.


Large picture: Click the big product picture to see an even bigger product picture isolated.


More detailed and specific information about the product:Quick facts in the grey square and more detailed information on each of the sheets.


Navigate easy: You can easily navigate around the web site, either by seeing the exact place where you are up to the left or make a ”new search” by clicking ”New Search” in the top right section.

shareDownload, print and share:

1) You can easily download the picture to your computer to then pass it on to you customer by clicking ”download picture”.

2) Click ”Print page” to print it to the printer or to a pdf document (you would have to have print to pdf installed on your computer).

3) Share on social media