About us

Reflectil – High Visibility Products

The Organization

Reflectil started in Oslo, Norway in 1986. From the very beginning we have been focusing on what we do best: To provide visibility products for personal use. Over the years Reflectil has evolved into a small but solid international group of companies with 35 employees. We are expanding our geographic footprint and the most recent development is a more solid presence in Finland and a joint venture for Reflective Materials in the European market with our South Korean Partner.


Our sales offices are situated in Kungälv, Oslo and Porto, with stock and showrooms. More details here.

Our Products

Our products are “feel good” products made to prevent injuries and save lives. In Reflectil, we translate individual visibility needs to physical products appreciated and needed by the user. We have many off-the shelves products that easily can be customized with prints or standardized options, others are ready-made for a certain user group, while some are made for each customer.

The Norms and Changing Needs

All products made to protect the wearer against health and hazards are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These products must be CE marked. There are established norms and products in market, but the needs and uses for visibility products are changing and so must norms and product solutions. The trend is to merge fashion and visibility needs. Sometimes the borderline between what is a fashion product and what is safety product is not clear. Reflectil is involved in European and International norm making work where these issues are addressed.


Reflectil Yezi AB is a joint venture between Reflectil and YEZI Reflex Corporation in South Korea. The purpose of the company is to offer European safety garment manufacturers and garment decorators in Europe Reflective Materials with a high level of service and specialized product solutions tailored to local market needs.

The head office is in Kungälv near Gothenburg, Sweden. Customer service, Operations with stocks and converting services is located near Porto, Portugal. Production of raw materials takes place in the Seoul Factory.

Please see separate web page for more details.

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